Start here to become clear, centered and calm


Stress and tension relief
Sleep quality and body awareness
Focus and mind-set
Self-competence and -management
Mental and emotional fitness
Inner calm and peace
Thought control and emotional regulation
Gratitude and Compassion

Basic Principles

Relax. Get grounded in a comfortable meditation posture.

Breathe. Focus on your natural breathing. Do not control or change anything.

Observe. Don’t pursue, analyze or judge your thoughts or emotions of the past, present or future.

Be. Don’t try to create an experience. Let go, accept and stay in the present moment.

Smile. Feel grateful and connect with yourself.

Repeat. Incorporate your practice in your daily life.

Experience NOW

First Visit. Come about 10 minutes before your first session, to enjoy a studio tour, settle into our mindful space and get ready for your experience.

Entrance. Our studio is located in the heart of the bustling city at HB Zurich, next to Permanence, 3rd floor. Just ring the bell next to the high window door and enter step-by-step into our quiet space.

Community. Before and after the classes you can relax in our community room. Exchange with our teachers and enjoy healthy snacks and drinks.

Dresscode. Come as your are and put on your comfy pants if you’d like in our dressing-room. We do also rent pants for only CHF 5.- Remove your shoes and turn off your phone.  

Sitting. To be as comfortable as possibe we do offer you a variety of Meditation cushions, chairs, Yoga mats and meditation blankets. Enjoy an optimal environment for meditation and relaxation.

Me time. Enjoy a break from your daily routine and book a Personal Training for your personal needs. Receive guidance on why and how meditation and mindfulness practice can enrich your life.

Classes. Our guided and self-guided classes are appropriate for practioners of all levels. Based on your preferences, mood or daily schedule choose your Mind Fitness or Relaxation experience that is most effective for you.

Regular Practice. One session of meditation can create a sense of calm and clarity. However we recommend a regular Mind Fitness (2-5 times/week) to understand the practice and to experience its benefits in the daily life. Your state of mind influences your quality of life.

Techniques. While honoring the traditions we offer meditation and mindfulness in an open and modern way through various techniques as mindfulness, silent meditation, breathwork, visualization, affirmations, body movements and sounds.

Teachers. Our experienced teachers from a variety of traditions are looking forward to guide you in Mind Fitness and Relaxation experience in a practical way.

In-depth experience. Deepen your practice and skills, engage with like-minded people, get inspired and learn from experts in our events and workshops.