Meet our Teachers

Our team of Meditation and Mindfulness teachers is ready to guide you in
Mind Fitness and Relaxation Experience.



– Certified Meditation leader monastic Tibet Institute Rikon 2016/17, course leader Loten Dahortsang, certification in Kum Nye massage – part 1, Certified Lu Jong 1 teacher 2017/18, Tulku Lama Lobsang Nangten Menlang International, wisdom teachings of ancient Lakota and Huna practices, Master of Science UZH in Psychology

– Aloha, life is full of miracles, meeting people, being in nature, traveling, sharing and enjoying the colors of life

– Meditation is natural and relaxed being from moment to moment, a precious and healing method to train and relax the mind and body
– Loves to share insights and experiences, save place for learning together, joyful continuous practice for all – Relax and be happy!



– Completed Zen, Vipassana and MBSR-courses, Lu Jong Teacher (ongoing), B.A & M.A. HSG

– Humble, sporty, open and grateful

– Meditation and Mindfulness is a valuable tool to improve and be myself

– Share my passion for Mindfulness and its practical benefits. Being present, positive and fun.



– Certifate in med. Relaxation Techniques (Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and Mindfulness Techniques (med. Achtsamkeit-Interozeption®), Diploma in Physical Education from ETH Zurich, Dr. sc. ETH Zurich Human Movement Science and Sport, PhD Neuroscience
– Meditation and Mindfulness are fascinating tools to focus on the essence of being and thus to bring body, mind and soul into balance
– Open-minded, empathic person, who loves to be in company and enjoys the nature, in particular the peacefulness of the mountains
– Loves to accompany and support others on their way to their sources of strengths, well-being and happiness.