Try 2 Guided Classes + Personal Counseling for CHF 48

Get CLEAR, CENTERED and CALM. Start your journey with our special Intro Offer. Choose your preferred classes and receive guidance on why and how meditation and mindfulness practice can enrich your life through a personal Mind Fitness Counseling (20′) with our experts.


While one meditation is beneficial, the long-term benefits of meditation come with regular practice. We support you to create a consistency in your practice. Our memberships offer the best value with the most flexibility to suit different budgets, lifestyles and goals. Memberships include:

  • NOW Mindful Welcome Gift Pack
  • One personal Mind Fitness Counseling per quarter (CHF 50)
  • 10% discount in Mind Fitness Bar and Mindful Shop
  • Workshop & Event voucher up to CHF 50 or 10%
  • One guest pass per quarter to bring a friend
  • One Single Drop-in self-guided per month
  • One week freeze per quarter
  • Be part of a positive community with growth mind-set

Beta Membership –
4 classes/month

Just getting into Meditation? The Beta Membership is for you – once per week with the convenience and perks of a membership. Additional classes can be purchased for CHF 23 each.

Alpha Membership –
8 classes/month

Commit to meditate twice per week and watch your health and mindset change for the better. The Alpha is our most popular membership. Additional classes can be purchased for CHF 22 each.

Omega Membership –

Are you dedicated to train your mind and be master of your life? Choose the Omega Membership and meditate unlimited with an inspiring community.

Single Drop-ins

Need more flexibility and less commitment in your schedule? No worries- we get that. Experience Mind Fitness and Relaxation when ever it is convenient for you. They are non-transferrable and non-extandable.

  • 10-CLASS PACK (Guided 50′): CHF 319 (valid four months)
  • 20-CLASS PACK (Guided 50′): CHF 598 (valid four months)

Personal Training

Transform your practice and life quality. Choose your preferred time and teacher for an intense experience or on-going development and tackle your individual needs. At every step, you are guided by a passionate and experienced NOW teacher. Unlock the extraordinary in health, career and happiness together with your personal Mindfulness Coach.

  • Single Private Session (60′): CHF 180
  • 10-Session Pack: CHF 1’600 (valid six months)
Note on Pricing: We are so excited to have you in soon for your classes and personal trainings. Please note that all Introductory Packages and Packages have a firm expiration date that we are unable to extend. We reserve the right to change pricing and availability of pricing options at any time, for any reason. If a Membership contract is affected, you will be provided with advance notice. Prices incl. 7.7% Mwst.