Modern Meditation for your daily life
Train your mind to be present, observant and non-judgmental

Guided Classes


  • Silent Sitting Meditation / Mindfulness Meditation (Breath or Mind)
  • Decision for positive perspective, (self-) confidence, optimism, joy, etc.
  • Affirmations to strengthen the mind-shift/ mindset
Become aware through the Stillness Meditation, be aware of your body and breath, observe your thoughts and emotions. Consciously decide to see the glass half full – positivity, optimism, (self-) confidence and joy. Strengthen the mind-shift with meditative affirmations or visualizations and set your mindset right.
  • Theoretical input for formal Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Learn and practice a concrete technique with group exchange
  • Weekly task for day-to-day implementation
Train your mind like a muscle, week by week. Ideal to establish and deepen your formal and informal practice, different meditation and mindfulness techniques, tips and exchange of experience. In terms of content, it is addressed in the four fields body, breath, mind and actions or awareness and mind fitness.
  • Open your heart through a heartflow
  • Heart-Meditation
  • Love, compassion, gratitude and abundance
Move from your busy mind into your heart. Open and feel your heart through a meditative heartflow (body movements). What do you feel? Follow by a heart meditation (sitting or lying) the focus is directed to the heart space and qualities. Emotional Fitness for (self-) acceptance and self-love.
  • Body movements
  • Silent Sitting Meditation
  • Inner calm, clarity and equanimity
We observe our thoughts and emotions in the presence without judging. In this way, we can distance ourselves from our mind and our awareness increases. We accept everything as it is. Through the outer calm sitting posture we train inner calm, clarity and balance.
  • Breathwork
  • Nine purification breaths, or relaxing alternating nostrils breathing
  • Mindfulness Meditation on breath or conscious breathing control (pranayama)
Train various breath techiques to let go, become present and connect with your body and mind. The breathing exercises clarify your mind and body. This gives you clarity, focus and inner peace.
  • Meditation in movement (Tibetan Healing Yoga) combines form, movement, rhythmic breathing in combination with Mindfulness
  • Silent Meditation with affirmation and sound
  • Well-being (resistance, flexibility, strength), clarity and happiness
Release your stress of the week and recharge your physical and mental batteries. Dissolve mental and physical blockages, feel your body, balance and open the channels in your body. Train your awareness and mind with centering meditation.

Personal Training


Individual needs, personal wishes and goals, time reasons, focused atmosphere in a private setting, get started for guided classes or self-guided practice, many reasons speak for Personal Trainings.

Transform your practice and life quality. Choose your preferred time slot and teacher for an exceptional experience or your personal development. Tailored to your individual needs and goals, we create a customized program. At every step you will be accompanied and supported by one of our experienced experts, your Mindfulness Coach. Train or relax weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in our unique studio, at work or at home.

Unlock the extraordinary in health, career or happiness.