30-Days Meditation Challenge

This November (29.10. – 30.11.)

Get calm, centered and clear

Have you always wanted to start with meditation but never knew where and how? Or are you familiar with meditation but want to integrate it into your daily life more consistently?

Make meditation a healthy habit with our 30-days meditation challenge. We challenge you to meditate in November, 6 days a week. On three days you will be meditating at NOW, where we will meditate in a group, provide you with valuable input in the guided lessons and on the remaining three days you will meditate at home and build up your own meditation practice!

This challenge begins with an introduction-video on our Social Media Channels (Facebook and Instagram) and includes a gift package with gems to support you along the way, an exclusive Facebook group where you can exchange your experiences with the NOW Community, 15 guided meditation classes and a life-changing experience!

Meditate with your buddy and benefit from our special price!

Sign up until 26. October.
Accept the challenge and book your cushion NOW!

„We are what are repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. “
– Will Durant

What you get during the challenge:

  • 3 guided meditations a week at NOW
  • a journal, a calendar for tracking your progress and a handout about “establishing habits”
  • a guide to “how to formulate your personal motivational mantra”
  • access to the exclusive Challenge-Facebook group
  • a life-changing healthy habit

What you can look forward to after finishing the challenge:

  • Set a date for your personal Mind Fitness Counseling (20min.) with one of our meditation experts where you will learn about how you can perfectly integrate meditation into your daily life with the consideration of your needs and wishes
  • Receive a gift from our Mindful Shop once you’ve finished the challenge
  • And benefit from amazing discounts on memberships and packs, so you can level-up your practice in our community

How to participate in our challenge:

  1. Sign up for the challenge until Friday, 26. October and you’re in for the start on the following Monday, 29. October
  2. Just before the challenge takes off, you will receive an invitation for joining the exclusive Facebook Group
  3. On Monday, 29. October, when the challenge takes off, we will give you an introduction to the challenge through a Facebook video in the exclusive Facebook group
  4. Formulate your motivational mantra
  5. On three days a week, you can meditate at NOW and on the other three days, you can meditate at home or wherever you feel comfortable. This way, you will start to build your own practice.
  6. You will also receive a Challenge Packet with a journal and a calendar: track your progress and write down realizations and experiences

Meditate with your buddy!

Your buddy is your partner, friend, team-member, company, and support. As a team, you will support each other and hold one another accountable so you can pass this challenge with flying colors. Meet up for your meditation session at NOW for a guided class or at each other’s places. And we’re sure you will meet a lot of new impulses and realizations along the way – exchange those, during your meetings in person or give each other a reminder to keep going!

Sign up with your buddy, benefit from a special price and establish a meditation habit together!

How you can establish healthy habits

Most things we do every day happen unconsciously. Our mind makes decisions unconsciously and as a result, we act without thinking further about an action. Healthy habits can be established when you consciously make the decision to do a certain action regularly.

Various studies show that it takes at least 21 days to grow a new habit.

You will meditate for 30 days during this challenge which will help you to integrate meditation actively into your daily life. Once meditation becomes a habit, you can start to focus on diving into an even deeper level with your meditation practice.

A thorough explanation on how you can establish habits and a routine will be included in our Challenge Packet.

Start to make meditation your healthy habit!

Learn about meditation & mindfulness

Meditate in a community

Establish your own meditation practice

Sign up until 26. October.
Accept the challenge and book your cushion NOW!


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Invest in yourself. Meditate.